About Steven 关于史蒂芬

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Dr. Steven Lee (Ph.D), Founder of  Welltodo Group

He has spent the last few years writing books and conducting investment trainings.

He is the author of two books on how to invest in stock market. His books: Creating Wealth In Stock Market and The Magic Idea of Getting Rich, are the most practical investment books currently available in the market.

For the past few years, he has been helping people to simplify their investments. Steven’s customers include ordinary housewives, artisans, professionals and even millionaires.

Most of the customers are not only from the States of Malaysia but also foreign countries like Singapore, Indonesia, China etc.

Steven show them not only how to buy low sell high from the stock market but also how to adopt and apply a simple proven investment system. This provides his customers a powerful advantage on their investments.

Steven says, “The reflection of my customers’ joy and happiness, is my happiness.”

Knowledge on how to maximize returns with minimum capital outlay and minimizing risk is the key to success. His forte is to think “outside the box” and prepare for potential scenarios. This has enabled him to successfully implement creative and preemptive solutions to very complex problems. In order to generate high return results, Steven welcomes anyone who wants to improve their investments in the stock market.

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